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Take Me to the River

More often than not, when I visit the water, its unstoppable motion and infinite gurgles take me to a place in my mind that is peaceful. The phenomenon of water itself overrides my heady turmoils, my rants of self-deprecation, the seemingly continual aches and pains within my physical being.
Water is a vehicle for tuning out the cacophony of the barrage of information with which I am hit every day. There is only so much of computer networking that I can face or in which I can even participate.
Paradoxically, the computer is the tool I need for promoting my interests and my writing. Look at this blog for heavens's sakes.
If I remove myself from the currency of cultural time which happens to be technological, I truly deny the essence of human evolution. Whatever is going on out there beyond my immediate reach, I can bring into my environment somehow through this machine. Yet the drawback of this machine is that it takes me away from human contact, which, as a social being, I desper…

Where The Calm Lurks

And let us pray:
Oh, Holy Father, where are we going? And how are we reaching our destination?
Can You help us to find the greatest of all solace which is along the thin line between Light and Shadow, between the Material and the Spiritual, and the Known and the Unknown?
If what I ask is a truly substantial question, how is it that its relevance dissipates so easily? Is it for the reason that I do not care? Is it for the reason that I am overwhelmed with the burden that being on earth rests on my shoulders?
Herein lies the poetry that is the closest to the realization of my soul. The words come through like the water flows.
The stream of words that captures the evanescence of my thoughts. How some thoughts are meaningless and others when expressed have enough coherence to communicate to some one else.
I offer the words; the reader receives them.
I cannot find the secrets of the brain without being a scientist. I cannot determine how the mind works without practicing some other vocati…