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Laos: A Memory of Far Away


This is a story about a trip I would take that I never imagined taking.The places which I describe are those which impressed me the most vividly. A trip like this actually loses its continuity when the memories of it take over. Reporting it would be fruitless, resulting in a boring enumeration of the scheduled events rather the events that are meaningful. No doubt, I have forgotten many occurences. The time went by so fast and was so filled with activity that I have every reason to have forgotten. The whole experience is indelibly inscribed in my being. Here I Went
On January 10, 2014, the first leg of my journey to The Republic of Lao, PDR, began. This day was preceded by weeks and weeks of anxiety. The trip had been postponed once. Not since I was eleven years old, when I took a two and a half month tour of the East Coast of Africa with my grandfather, had I traveled such a long way from home. And this time, I was by myself.
Laos is a country I have only known in relationship to…