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Top Ten, 2014

Darius Jones, Oversoul Manual, AUM Fidelity;Joe McPhee, Glasses, Corbett & Dempsey;Wadada Leo Smith, The Great Lakes Suite, TUM Records;Chad Taylor & Rob Masurek, Locus, Northern Spy;Jason Roebke Octet, High/Red/Center, Delmark;Matthew Shipp Trio, Root of Things, Relative Pitch;Dave Rempis, Darren Johnston, Larry Ochs, Spectral, Aerophonic Records;Billy Bang & William Parker, Medicine Buddha, NoBusiness RecodsDarius Jones & Matthew Shipp, Cosmic Lieder: The Darkseid Recital, AUM Fidelity;

Jason Adasiewicz's SunRooms, From the Region, Delmark.

Darius Jones: Oversoul Manual, AUM Fidelity, 2014

Language involves more than words, spoken or written, acted out or signaled; it defines however information is transmitted. Language is the vehicle for codifying communication processes that lead to a greater purpose. Humans do it. Animals do it. Plants do it. All living beings do it.
Alto sax player and composer Darius Jones is no stranger to how to shape language. From his very first quasi-autobiographical recording, Man’ish Boy, he has bridged the gap between the real and the imagined and literally made them indistinguishable. It is in the fourth recording that relates directly to the three before it, Oversoul Manual, that Jones is realizing the dream originating with the instrumental Man’ish Boy (AUMFidelity, 2010), continuing with Big Gurl (AUMFidelity, 2011) and Book of Mae’Bul (AUMFidelity, 2012).
Oversoul Manual (AUMFidelity, 2014) is a step beyond the pure musical adaptation of Jones’ story. It is the magical celebration of the ancient language of Jones’ invention, ɶʃ, “…an …

Lyn Horton's Work: Interior Designer, Mary Douglas Drysdale: John Lyle Style Blog


Lyn Hortonfills this clean white wall with energy. This cool space was done for DXV, American Standard as part of their new product launch. Humm, like the sound of Mary Douglas Drysdale for DXV…….

Lyn Horton: Installation Shots: Cross MacKenzie Gallery, Georgetown, Washington, DC, September, 2014


Georgetown Gallery Scene Makes a Resurgence | The Georgetowner


Matthew Shipp: I’ve Been To Many Places, Thirsty Ear, 2014

Since Matthew Shipp has known the piano, the way he plays it has inevitably changed. Not that he has refuted traditional methods or those derived from musicians who have influenced him; rather he has used all these methods as a means to break musical language barriers in order to merge with his intentionally vast expansion of the piano’s sound, so vast that he reaches into an unknown personal space and time.
In his solo release, I’ve Been To Many Places, Shipp looks retrospectively at several pieces he has already recorded and filters them through the way in which his playing has developed.  These selections as well as improvised works constitute the album. Those unfamiliar with Shipp’s music would by nature hear the recording as all brand new, just as Shipp believes it is himself.
On the whole, the music bears a relaxed, though beautifully pristine, feel. It isn’t that Shipp has tossed away many of the Shipp-isms which are recognizable in past recordings or performances.  Instead he…

Fay Victor Ensemble: Absinthe & Vermouth, 2013: Greene Ave. Music

A voice can do something that no other musical instrument seemingly can really do. By its very inflection combined with its wide-ranging tonality, Fay Victor can evoke emotional and attitudinal responses and mold an atmosphere that rings of an ever-changing context. Because she is aware of a spectrum of music to include Arnold Schoenberg, who is said arguably to have changed 20th century music for rest of time; and because she has inhabited Europe, specifically Amsterdam; and because she has, for many years, composed with her Netherlander husband, Jochem Van Dijk; and because she is a rare autodidact, when she sings, she is singing outside of her mature self. She is radiating into the world her passion, intelligence and a sensibility to the absurd.
The Fay Victor Ensemble, or FVE, has made a mark on the viability of the small musical group genre beginning with its first album, The Freesong Suite, released in 2009.(From Fay Victor's websiteThe Freesong Suite was the only all ori…

Laos: A Memory of Far Away


This is a story about a trip I would take that I never imagined taking.The places which I describe are those which impressed me the most vividly. A trip like this actually loses its continuity when the memories of it take over. Reporting it would be fruitless, resulting in a boring enumeration of the scheduled events rather the events that are meaningful. No doubt, I have forgotten many occurences. The time went by so fast and was so filled with activity that I have every reason to have forgotten. The whole experience is indelibly inscribed in my being. Here I Went
On January 10, 2014, the first leg of my journey to The Republic of Lao, PDR, began. This day was preceded by weeks and weeks of anxiety. The trip had been postponed once. Not since I was eleven years old, when I took a two and a half month tour of the East Coast of Africa with my grandfather, had I traveled such a long way from home. And this time, I was by myself.
Laos is a country I have only known in relationship to…