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Carole Kim's BURROW

CAROLE KIM site-specific performance-based installation THERESA WONG voice, cello PHIL CURTIS electronics SHEL WAGNER RASCH dance LYN HORTON drawings

You are invited to the conclusion of a month-long residency at Lehrer Architects in Silverlake.   These performances will be both indoors and outdoors so please come dressed in layers.
DECEMBER 3+4 @ 7:30 PM
LEHRER ARCHITECTS 2140 Hyperion Avenue Los Angeles, CA  90027-4708
Google map $10 suggested voluntary donation

Carole Kim is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on live video performance and performance-based video installation. She explores video for its most tactile, expressive and responsive potential as a live medium. She seeks an integration of media where moving image, sound, dance and space are on equal planes engaging in a dynamic reciprocating and mutually supportive dialogue. Kim's installations are hybrid spaces in which the illusory and actual (i.e. mediated and live) merge together in an …

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Top Ten, 2011

1. Joe McPhee and Michael Zerang, Creole Gardens: A New Orleans Suite, NoBusiness;
2. Matthew Shipp and Matthew Shipp Trio, Art of the Improviser, Thirsty Ear;
3. Wadada Leo Smith's Organic, Heart's Reflections, Cuneiform;
4. William Parker, Crumbling In The Shadows Is Fraulein Miller's Stale Cake, Centering;
5. Daniel Levin Quartet, Organic Modernism, Clean Feed;
6. Mary Halvorsen and Jessica Pavone, Departure of Reason, Thirsty Ear;
7. Darius Jones Trio, Big Gurl, AUM Fidelity;
8.The Rempis Percussion Quartet, Montreal Parade, 482 Music;
9.Spanish Donkey, XYX, Northern Spy;
10.Klang, Other Doors, Allos Documents.